Classes Conclude

Somehow, I have reached my last week of classes in New Zealand. On Monday May 29, I had my last Media of New Zealand class. Our professor was revising (I learned that means "reviewing") the material from the course because we have a final exam on June 19th. It will be online and multiple choice... Continue Reading →

A Little of Everything

Just like that, it was the penultimate week of class. On Monday, May 22nd, I was hard at work on my children's book. It was originally due on Wednesday but our professor was happy to give a one week extension if we needed it. I needed it so I have another week before I turn... Continue Reading →

Out and About

Fall is in the air in Wellington. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler and rainier. That said, I can still wear shorts and the weather has actually been quite nice! For context, this blog post will chronicle my adventures from May 15th to 21st 2023. I hope you enjoy. Rose... Continue Reading →

Work Hard, Play Hard

Let's set the scene. It is May 8th. The year, 2023. The place? Wellington. It was my ninth week of class. I had Media of New Zealand class on Monday and we had a guest speaker from NZ On Air, an organization which funds a lot of TV shows in New Zealand including my favorite,... Continue Reading →

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a brief break from the usual blog post to add some pictures I didn't get a change to share earlier and also to update you all on my plans for the end of the trimester! A couple times Everton Hall hired a professional photographer for events but we weren't... Continue Reading →

When in Wellington…

Week Eight of class was a busy one. Let's go over it. On Monday, we had a guest speaker, the world expert on Māori television, come and talk to my Media of New Zealand class. After class, I walked with my Kiwi friend from the class down to the New World grocery store because I... Continue Reading →

The Second Half Begins

The two week break was so busy and jam-packed with fun but with that came the reality that I did only a little of the work I had to do. So, it was time to catch up! I had a presentation for my Visual Narrative course about the graphic novel "This is not a pipe"... Continue Reading →

Return to Wellington

Saturday April 22 After two weeks in the South Island, it was time to return to the nation's capitol and my current home, Wellington. We gathered up our luggage and took an Uber from our Christchurch motel to the airport. It was it was a quick hour flight over to Wellington. Upon arrival, we were... Continue Reading →

Arthur’s Pass

Wednesday April 19 During our trip thus far, we had ridden in cars, buses, vans, ferries, kayaks, airplanes, commuter rails, cable cars, gondola and by foot. So, it was only natural... we needed to take a train as well. Wednesday was an early morning for us. We gathered our stuff and the motel staff kindly... Continue Reading →

Dunedin and Christchurch

Sunday April 16 My parents and I woke up in Invercargill, got our luggage together and departed the city via Intercity bus. We rode for four hours and had a 30 minute mandatory driving break in a random town before arriving in Dunedin. I looked out the window as we were driving through Dunedin and... Continue Reading →

Stewart Island

Thursday April 13 It was time for that third island. The one below the South Island. The one not many go to, even from New Zealand. The one with the name Stewart Island. We got picked up by a transfer bus from our hotel, arrived at the ferry terminal, watched our luggage get lowered by... Continue Reading →

Queenstown and Invercargill

Monday April 10 On Monday, we rose early, assembled our bags and departed via the Airport Bus to the Wellington Airport. We were off to Queenstown on the South Island. The flight was a short one, just about an hour and the views along the way were stunning! Mountains! Queenstown from the air Queenstown from... Continue Reading →

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